Happy New Year

The time for the annual stock taking and making plans for the future is upon us. The curtain is down on 2009 and 2010 is beckoning us. What did this year mean to us and how will the new year turn out -this is the question which is now uppermost in our minds. Looking back we would notice that the year was of mixed blessings for most of us. There were the good times and there were the bad times. This is always the case no matter what we might have wished for. The next year would also bring a mixed bag. This is the law of nature. Change is the only constant in life. Both good times and bad times would not continue indefinitely. It is another story that we always wish that our run of good luck should never end. It is also our nature that adverse times always appear inordinately long and never ending. But in truth, we will always be confronted with both pleasant and  unpleasnt periods in our lives. So, methinks that we should welcome the new year with open arms, knowing well that it too will bring us our share of happiness and grief, no matter what we may wish for.

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