A Matter of Faith

We are all products of our circumstances. I was born in a middle class Hindu family and therefore my world view of religion is that of a typical person of this class. I mean I grew up with images of a pantheon of Gods and Goddess, all capable of delivering me from my miseries if I believed in them and prayed hard enough. So I prayed to Lord Hanuman, my favourite, mostly on the eve of examinations, to somehow let me pass. And mostly, I passed-whether through divine benediction or otherwise, I can not say.

The need to ask God for various things has not stopped since then. In fact, as life became more and more challenging, the list of demands also grew commensurately. It is now difficult to fit all of them in the limited time that is available for prayers now!

Seriously, what makes even well-educated and seemingly rational people to believe and have faith in someone or something they have never even seen? After all, how many of us have seen or are even likely to see Him? There are no simple answers, I guess. But, maybe, it has primarily to do with how one has been brought up. A childhood full of religious rituals, prayers, temples, festivals etc is likely to induce a sense of belief and faith. But it has something to do with age also. An adolescent is more likely to be iconoclastic. A young adult is, perhaps, agnostic. But as we grow older, our responsibilities increase many fold and things are mostly not under our control. It is at such times that one looks to some force which might solve our problems. If nothing else, it gives us the much-needed peace, solace and hope that things may turn out right, eventually. It is this faith that keeps us going under in the times of adversity.

So, have faith. All will be well.

4 Responses to “A Matter of Faith”

  1. we all pray to God because he is the support system we have. praying to God gives us hope, it shows us a way out of our problems.
    If you have time then pl go through my post on the same topic


  2. Thanks for stopping by. I will definite visit your site.

  3. hi….no doubt this is how a middle class hindu family runs..when we are adolescent, we just follow the norms..when we grow up,we are free to
    form and maintain our perspective.what i believe is PUJA,visiting TEMPLES,
    HAVANS, and all KARMKAAND is a way to self regulation.when i pray i dont ask god to fullfil my wishes…i try to sort of feel the positive energy at that time.I try to connect the supreme power to enlighten the power within me.
    this is more spiritual way to find and connect with the power.this is not the question of seeing or hearing him.he is the supreme positive energy…and engeries are felt not been seen or heard.

  4. Hi Charroo

    Well said. Most of us fall prey to the easier method;of asking Him for things we need or answers to our problems. But that itself is not bad. Don’t we aks our parents when we are children?

    Thanks for dropping in.

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